My Academic World

This is my professional website to share what I am involved in at work.  Feel free to browse the links and drop me a line.

One of my joint projects that I am excited about is the collection of essays tentatively titled “Sub-Saharan African Migrations: Challenges, Failures, and Coping Strategies”.  My co-editors and I, Dr. Papa Sow and Dr. Elina Marmer, have whittled down a number of exciting papers to just a few who we will publish in this book-length study.  A diversity of regional and topical chapters contribute new dimensions to the dialogue on African migration.  We are nearing the end of the preparation phase.  Before you can see the book in print, you may want to check out some of the authors and ideas at the 9th Biennial Conference of ASWAD in Seville, Spain where we have two panels.

Another research project that you might find useful has to do with international organization (IO) theory and the African Diaspora. In the last couple of decades, ties among Afro-Latin American communities and other regions of the Diaspora grew in exponential proportions. How does this manifest itself in organizations with a focus on Afro-Latins? Can small organizations—like the majority of the ones I study—manifest properties inherent in international organization (IO) theory? These are some of the questions I tackle in “International Organization (IO) Theory and Online Afro-Latin America,” my chapter in the forthcoming University of Florida Press book “Afro-Digital Connections: Afro-Latino and Afro-Descendant Cultural Production in the Digital Age,” edited by Drs. Eduard Arriaga and Andrés Villar.

Yvonne Captain