Some essays that show my interest in the African Diaspora and south-south relations:

“Aída Cartagena Portalatín:  ¿intelectual entre iguales?”. Afro-Hispanic Review. Vol 34.1. Spring, 2015

“El legado intelectual de Manuel Zapata Olivella,” Revista de estudios colombianos. No. 37-38. Fall 2011:  30-34 Legacy-Manuel

“Brazil’s Africa Policy under Lula” The Global South. Vol 4.1 Spring 2010: 183-198 brazil’s africa policy-Published

“West African Migrants in Spain:  Human Factors and Emerging International Policy,” International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. Vol. 3.10. 2009: 61-68 West African Migrants in Spain

“In Search of International Culture,” Phi Beta Delta International Review, April, 1999

“Writing for the Future: Afro-Hispanism in a Global, Critical Context,” Afro- Hispanic Review. vol l3.l  1994:3-9

“El espíritu de la risa en el cuento de Ana Lydia Vega,” Revista Iberoamericana vol lix #s l62-l63. l993:30l-308

“Writing the Diaspora Experience,” Trotter Institute Research Report #l7, Univ of Massachusetts, Boston. Jan, l993:3-25 trotter-institute-research-report

“The Poetics of the Quotidian in the Works of Nancy Morejón,” Callaloo, Vol l0  #4, Fall, l987:     596-604

Not really an article, but my very long interview with my mentor and later friend, the late Dr. Manuel Zapata Olivella.  It changed the direction of my work. “Conversación con el Dr. Manuel Zapata Olivella”:  Afro-Hispanic Review , JANUARY 1985, Vol. 4, No. 1 (JANUARY 1985), pp. 26-32

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