This section is about the books and book chapters that I published:

The Culture of Fiction in the Works of Manuel Zapata Olivella.  See below to read more.

In the meantime, here are other book chapters that may interest you:

“International Organization (IO) Theory and Online Afro-Latin America” in “Afro-Digital Connections: Afro-Latino and Afro-Descendant Cultural Production in the Digital Age,” Eduard Arriaga and Andrés Villar, eds.; forthcoming book with University of Florida Press

“Hacia su habitación propia: la mujer en Zapata.” Literatura colombiana del siglo XX. Maria M. Jaramillo, et al, ed. Bogotá: Ministerio de Cultura 2000

“The Art of Zapata Olivella,” in Afropaedia, Henry Louis Gates and Anthony Appiah, eds. Perseus Press. 1999 also CD Rom Encarta Africana, February, 1999

“The Poetics of the Quotidian in the Works of Nancy Morejon,” (reprint) in Singular Like a Bird: The Art of Nancy Morejon. Miriam DaCosta Willis, ed. Howard University Press. l999:297-309

“Nancy Morejón,” Escritoras hispanoamericanas. Diane Marting, ed. Siglo XXI. l99l: 352-361 (Spanish Version)

“Nancy Morejón,” Spanish-American Women Writers. Diane Marting, ed. Greenwood Press, l990:341-349


More info on The Culture of Fiction in the Works of Manuel Zapata Olivella

Thank you for your interest in my book on Manuel Zapata Olivella. He remains my favorite writer of all times.

I’m including the Table of Contents and the Preface to peak your interest:  MZO-bookWeb

If you would like a copy for research purposes, I would be happy to share it with you. All that I ask is that you acknowledge the use of any ideas contained in the book. Whether as direct quotes or as general observations on what I wrote, a mention of such is standard practice in scholarship. You can contact me by clicking on the contact page. Looking forward to the dialogue! Yvonne Captain

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